Sex & Stress

COVID-19 has been filling our lives with uncertainty that can influence our mental and physical health in unpredictable ways.  In addition to stressors related to finances, health, or work, practicing self-distancing at home is also impacting our sex lives.

We might find ourselves craving sexual contact, or maybe our sex drive has dwindled. However you handle sex under stressful conditions, whatever you are feeling, it’s entirely natural. And there are ways to honour our intimate selves, patiently and kindly, that will support us through this crisis and beyond.

If sex is comforting and pleasurable to you, keep it going. But anxiety can often have the opposite effect.  Too much of the stress hormone cortisol is released when we are under stress and that can decrease our libido for some of us. Stress can also cause our pelvic muscles to contract and tighten, making sex less pleasurable.  We may experience decreased natural vaginal secretions and lubrication with anxiety causing dryness that makes sex less enjoyable or even painful. Rather than calming, for some of us, anxiety can increase our sexual inhibitions.

To relieve some of the pressure be aware of your feelings, and acquiesce them. Slow down, taking time to savour sensations. Rediscover erogenous zones you might have forgotten about. Explore touch, massages, cuddling, or simply spending quality time together, or on your own. 

Consider focusing on your intimate wellness. If you are experiencing painful sex, try intimate training with Aquafit PRE Gel-Stick. Take a quiet private moment for yourself, where you are in control, for stress free dilation therapy. Aquafit PRE lets you relax your pelvic muscles, balance your Ph and hydrate your vaginal tissues deep from within. Use the vaginal gels you purchased but may have been too busy to apply every 2-3 days. If you have been putting off pelvic floor exercises create a new routine. A strong pelvic floor will help both your bladder and your vaginal health. Find that G spot that makes you feel good. Try to release some of the sexual energy or inhibitions that are pushed aside in your daily life. Take the time to reevaluate your sex life.

Maintain a healthy interconnectedness with intimacy – however you express it.

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