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You’re not alone if sex hurts

Sex isn't supposed to hurt. If you are experiencing vaginal pain it's probably something you worry about a lot...but may be too embarrassed to get help.
When it comes to sexual health, you are inundated by conflicting messages - dismissal of pain ("have a glass of wine, it will pass"); pressure to please; insecurity about vaginal odor, infections, discharge; choosing the right birth control, safe sex, STD's.

Aquafit Intimate lets you get in touch with yourself, on your own terms. Release vaginal tightness (vaginismus) and fear with intimate training. Strengthen pelvic floor. Balance vaginal pH for protective acidity to prevent infections (like BV or yeast). Next level hydration, made with the good stuff - all natural (and safe) hyaluronic acid, vitamin B, lactic acid, aloe vera.

And just so you know, you are not alone, 45% of women report experiencing pain the last time they had sex.


For young women, vaginal tightness and involuntary muscle contractions (vaginismus), infections (BV, yeast, UTI's), dryness from use of hormonal contraceptives, or chronic conditions such as endometriosis, are the most common causes of vaginal pain that can make sex, or even inserting inserting a finger or a tampon, painful.



For women in their reproductive age, recovering from postpartum pelvic muscle trauma, vaginal dryness during breastfeeding, along with long term use of hormonal contraceptives or anti-depressants are common causes of vaginal discomfort and painful sex in your bloom.



During peri-menopause and menopause, every woman will experience a decline in estrogen. As a result, vaginal tissue becomes dry, less elastic, and more fragile (vaginal atrophy). In addition, in menopause the vaginal environment becomes less acidic and prone to infections and irritation.

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Cancer treatments (chemotherapy, hormone therapy, radiotherapy) and gynecologic surgery cause changes in vaginal health that can upend sexual wellness both during and after treatment.
Intimate training can help you recover your sexual wellness and find a satisfying new normal after cancer treatments.


Your sexual health is worth prioritising

Our All-in-one Intimate Gel Sticks® couple vaginal muscle training for tonus and elasticity, with deep delivery of natural plant-based extracts that hydrate, soothe and balance pH of sensitive vaginal tissues.

All-in-one sexual wellness to feel your best.

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