• Pain Free Intimacy, Naturally

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Pain Free Intimacy, Naturally

2 in 5 Women experience vaginal discomfort and painfully bad sex.

Aquafit Intimate Gel Stick brings the pleasure back in. With all natural extracts that hydrate, relax and balance vaginal PH. 

Make your intimate wellness a priority.

Intimate Wellness

My sexual confidence is back

I have suffered from painful sex for as long as I have been sexually active. Aquafit PRÉ has helped me build my sexual confidence.

(Vaginismus, 28)

Menopause didn't pause my sex life

Menopause made sex feel like sandpaper in my vagina.  Aquafit helped me hydrate and regain elasticity, making sex a pleasure again.

(Menopause, 54)

Feels like the real thing, but I'm in control

After childbirth, Aquafit PRÉ let me gently get back to sex at my own pace. It feels like the real thing, but I'm in control.

(Postnatal, 34)

Aquafit Bliss

Intimate Gel-Stick for deep relaxation, pain relief and sensual enhancement.

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Pure Intimacy

We are passionate about intimate wellness and pleasure. Committed to all natural, plant-based products. Uniquely designed for women, by women.

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