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Your intimacy, your control

Aquafit PRÉ

Intimate Gel Stick, with Gentle Hydration

Water-based, all natural, Intimate Gel-Stick®. Strengthens pelvic floor, restores vaginal muscle tonus, heightens elasticity, relieves pain during sex.

With hyaluronic acid and vitamin B3 for deep hydration and soothing of sensitive vaginal tissue.

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Aquafit BIO

Intimate pH Gel Stick, Feminine Balance

Water-based, all natural, Intimate pH Gel Stick®. Restores muscle tonus and rebalances healthy vaginal acidity (pH).

With lactic acid, aloe vera and vitamin C. Supports friendly vaginal flora. Reduces itching, odorous discharge. Helps prevent vaginal dysbiosis and common infections (BV, yeast).

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Self-care, on your terms

We are here to support you on your personalised intimate wellness journey for the better.
Understand concerns in 3 minutes. Find answers, no stigmas or taboos.

It's FREE, private, always accessible.

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Release vaginal tightness with intimate training. Strengthen pelvic floor muscles. Relief from vaginal dryness with next level hydration. Soothe irritation, itching and burning.

All-in-one intimate wellness. No pain, all the gain.


'My sexual confidence is back'


I have experienced painful sex for as long as I can remember. With Aquafit PRÉ, I'm finally able to relax. Soft touch, perfect fit, feels nice. Better than the real thing and I'm in control.

Kim, 28, Vaginismus

'Menopause didn't pause my sex life'


Sex became a pain in menopause. I use Aquafit in the shower:) helped bring the pleasure back in.

Katrin, 58, Menopause

'Postpartum RELIEF for my vagina'


Aquafit BIO was a huge relief from vaginal dryness, irritation, itching and painful sex during breastfeeding and beyond. Pain free vaginal scar massage and pelvic floor recovery made easy.

Hanna, 34, Postnatal

'It's like I'm 20...again!'


After chemoprevention and risk-reducing surgery (BRCA positive) I immediately experienced dryness, loss of elasticity and very painful sex. Gels, HRT...I tried everything. After two weeks of intimate training with Aquafit - It's like I’m 20...again.

Yael, 48, BRCA

'Gentle recovery'


Post pelvic radiation, Aquafit helped me prevent adhesions and regain my sexual wellness. Wonderful!

Vanka, 38, Cervical Cancer Recovery

It's a gel, in a stick

Aquafit Intimate Gel Stick® is uniquely designed for vaginal health. A gentle touch, sensitive for your sensitive parts. Intimate self-care you can feel good about.


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We're passionate about women's intimate wellness self-care. Committed to all natural, safe intimacy products. Designed for women, by women.

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