Intimate Training

What is intimate training?

Intimate training with our Intimate Gel Stick® uniquely combines strengthening of vaginal and pelvic muscles, hydration and pH balance of deep vaginal tissue for all-in-one intimate wellness.

How do I start intimate training?

Remove the cap. Release the vaccume by gently pressing the casing on the sides near the base of the Intimate Gel Stick®. Run under water (in the shower, or dip in a glass of water next to your bed) to activate the self lubrication. Do not add any additional external lubricants.

What is the recommended length of an intimate training routine?

We recommend 5 minutes of intimate training daily, or as needed.

Aim for 3 sets of 60 repititions of kegels, in penetrative motion - tightening and releasing your pelvic/vaginal muscles. See intmate training instructions for more details.

Can I use the Intimate Gel Stick® in the shower?

Yes, absolutely!

We recommend using the Intimate Gel Stick® in the shower. It adds just 3 minutes to your morning self-care routine.

Intimate Gel Stick® Care

Why do I need to refrigerate the Intimate Gel Stick®?

Aquafit Intimate Gel Stick® is an advanced, consummable hydrogel, made of 90% water and 10% natural plant-based active agents. Refrigeration maintains the optimal shape memory and water retention of the Intimate Gel Stick®.

How do I care for the Intimate Gel Stick® after usage?

After intimate training, rinse with water only, do not use soap. Place back in case, seal with cap and refrigerate till next usage.

How long does an Intimate Gel Stick® last?

The Intimate Gel Stick may be used daily, for 14 days after opening.


How soon can I see results for Vaginismus (painful penetration)?

While every woman is different, you should begin to experience control over muscle spasms after 2-3 weeks of intimate training with Aquafit PRÉ and pain free penetration and intercourse after 6-9 weeks.

Can I use the Intimate Gel Stick® while menstruating?

We recommend that you skip intimate training on heavy mensturation flow days.

What if I missed an intimate training session?

Start again, where you left off. Come up with a daily self-care routine for yourself, like adding 3 minutes to your shower can help you keep it up!


How can Intimate training help me after childbirth?

During labor you pelvic floor muscles are extended. Intimate training can halp you regain muscle tonus and strength after childbirth. In some births a doctor or midwife may need to make a cut (epistiotomy) in the area between the vagina and anus (perineum); which may tear during childbirth.

Intimate training helps massage scar tissue from epistiotomy stitches that can cause narrowing and pain during penetration at the vaginal opening letting you return to pain free intimacy after childbirth.

I'm breastfeeding and experiencing vaginal dryness and itchiness, what can I do?

During breatsfeeding estrogen levels plummet, to enable mik production, causing vaginal changes in pH that can lead to dryness and infections.

Intimate training with Aquafit BIO promotes healthy vaginal pH, strengthens muscle tonus, hydrates and soothes vaginal tissue, for all-in-one postnatal intimate self care.

Why does vaginal pH matter?

The vagina's natural acidic environment creates a protective barrier that prevents unhealthy bacteria from multiplying too quickly causing infection, itching, discharge, odor. Having a high vaginal pH puts you at risk for Bacterial Vaginosis (BV), Trichomonas vaginalis, Yeast infections and more. Vaginal pH changes during our menstrual cycle, after unprotected sex (especially with multiple partners), during breastfeeding, menopause, and with antibiotic regimines.

Intimate training with Aquafit BIO rebalances healthy vaginal pH, supporting the growth of natural protective flora.


Why am I experiencing painful sex in menopause?

With the depletion of estrogen in menopause up to 65% of women will experience dryness, loss of elasticity, a tightening of the vaginal opening and changes in vaginal pH causing burning, itching and dryness (called vaginal atrophy).

Intimate training with Aquafit PRÉ hydrates dry vaginal tissue, enhances elasticity, balances healthy vaginal pH (mildly acidic) for pain free intimacy in menopause and beyond.

Why do I need intimate training if I'm taking hormone replacement therapy (HRT)?

Your vagina is a stretchy, muscular canal. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) supports vaginal tissue health in menopause, but does not address the need for strengthening vaginal/pelvic muscles, along with hydrating and supporting healthy vaginal pH (Mildly acidic). Intimate training is complementary to HRT and offers a non-hormonal alternative for vaginal wellness and sexual health in menopause.

What Intimate Gel Stick® is right for me in menopause?

At menopause, dramatic decreases in circulating estrogen concentrations cause physiologic changes that affect sexual function and vaginal health.

We recommend using Aquafit PRÉ for women in menopausal transition and menopause experiencing vaginal dryness, loss of elasticity and painful sex.

For women in post-menopause, (often 55 and up) experiencing vaginal atrophy including changes in vaginal pH we recommend Aquafit BIO, to support healthy pH balance, preventing vaginal inflammation, bacterial infections and UTI's.

What is the recommended intimate training program for intimate wellness is menopause?

Your vagina is a stretchy, muscular canal. With the decrease in estrogen during menopause the vagina bacomes less elastic and dry. Intimate training in menopause and beyond helps mitigate vaginal atrophy.

Every woman is different. Create an intimate self-care routine that works for you in menopause-daily, twice-or three times a week.

Some women may have a new partner after many years of not being sexually active requiring more intimate training to return to sex.

Key is being consistent, keeping up a vaginal wellness routine to support your intimate health as you age.

Does intimate training help women with Lichen Sclerosus in menopause?

Postmenopausal women are at a higher risk of Lichen Sclerosus, that can causes patchy, discolored, thinning of skin in the vaginal opening.

Intimate training with Aquafit PRÉ can help mitigate the loss of elasticity and tightening of the vaginal opening that can cause painful penetration for women with Lichen Sclerosis. In addition Intimate training hydrates and soothes sensitive vaginal tissue. The Intimate Gel Stick® is water-based, 100% natural and hypoallergenic.


How can intimate training help with side effects of radiotherapy?

Radiation therapy (RT) is commonly used to treat pelvic tumors including cervical, endometrial, vaginal and anorectal malignancies. Women who receive RT for pelvic cancers may experience side effects such as vaginal adhesions, stenosis and shortening of the vagina due to fibrosis and early onset of menopause.

Intimate training with Aquafit PRÉ helps prevent vaginal adhesions and stenosis, improving tissue elasticity and hydration for sexual wellness self-care after radiotherapy.

How can i regain sexual wellness after breast cancer hormonal therapy?

Many breast cancer patients receive multi-modality therapy including surgery, chemotherapy, and hormonal therapy (SERMs) which cure disease or prolong life, but negatively impact sexual wellness, by blocking estrogen causing vaginal atrophy.

Intimate training with Aquafit BIO helps mitigate vaginal dryness, loss of elasticity, while balancing healthy vaginal pH for sexual wellness after breast cancer hormonal therapy.

Intimate training for pelvic health and pelvic prolapse surgery recovery

Pelvic organ prolapse is when the uterus, bowel, bladder or top of the vagina slip down from their normal position, due to weak pelvic muscles. About 40% of women will experience pelvic organ prolapse (POP). Risk increases in menopause with the loss of estrogen and elastin.

Intimate training with Aquafit BIO helps strengthen vaginal and pelvic muscles and tonus to prevent POP and help post operation recovery.