For women in their bloom, recovery from childbirth, low estrogen during breastfeeding, vaginal infections from fluctuations in pH or dryness from hormonal contraceptives are common causes of vaginal discomfort and painful sex.

Sex should never be painful. If it is, intimate training self-care can help.

Painful sex in women's reproductive years

There are many reasons women in their reproductive years can experience painful sex. Some common conditions that can be at the root of the problem for women in their thirties and forties include:

Postpartum painful sex: 90% of women reported pain the first time they had sex after childbirth, from 6 weeks - 18 months for caesarean and vaginal births. Why might you experience painful sex after birth?

1) Vaginal dryness during breastfeeding: When you breastfeed oestrogen levels decline, causing a thinning of the vaginal tissue along with loss of lubrication and an elevated pH that can make women more susceptible to infections, vaginal dryness and sexual pain.

2) Vaginal tears and scarring: Tears to the perineum (the skin between the vagina and the anus) and the vaginal wall are very common during childbirth. Sometimes a surgical cut (episiotomy) is performed during labour as well. Even small tears or stitches lead to scar tissue, as part of the healing process, that can cause discomfort vaginal tightening and discomfort during intercourse.

3) Pelvic muscle trauma: The pelvic floor muscles elongate during pregnancy and they are stretched with birth. As a result, the muscles usually tighten up in response. For some women, a traumatic or painful childbirth experience can instigate over contraction and tightening of the pelvic and vaginal muscles, which can cause pain during intercourse.

Hormonal birth control: Hormonal birth control pills can cause fluctuations in hormones and an imbalance of your oestrogen/progesterone ratio that mimic the second half of the menstrual cycle, which is a progesterone-dominant, low-oestrogen state. When your oestrogen levels drop the tissue in the vagina becomes dry and sex becomes painful.

Vaginal Infections: Bacterial, yeast infections, or sexually transmitted diseases (STD's) can cause pain during sex and usually have other symptoms, like discharge or odor. Watch out for any symptoms or abnormality and in case you feel there is something wrong, book an appointment with your gynaecologist.

Intimate training, self-care

Aquafit Intimate Gel Sticks enable pelvic and vaginal muscle training to help relax vaginal muscles, while gently stretching and self-massaging postpartum stitches or adhesions increasing blood flow and breaking down any scar tissue that has formed.

Made of water and all natural extracts our Intimate Gel Sticks restores vaginal elasticity, hydrate and balance pH to relieve dryness from estrogen changes and protect against infections that can cause vaginal discomfort and painful sex.

Keep your vagina happy + healthy

Intimate training takes 5-7 minutes, every other day or as needed, to keep your vagina happy and healthy in your bloom.

Every women is different. Aquafit Intimate Gel Sticks adapt to your individual anatomy and are self lubricating for pain free intimate training. Intimate training lets you integrate pelvic floor (Kegel) exercises - squeezing, holding and relaxing pelvic muscles - to tighten and strengthen pelvic muscles.

It is important that you go at your own pace. For postpartum recovery it is normal for intimate training to take a few weeks to months to return to pain free sex and sexual wellness after childbirth.

100% Pure Intimacy

Aquafit Intimate Gel Sticks are formulated from water and 100% natural plant extracts to give the most natural feeling possible. No parabens, no hormones, no fragrance, no color, no irritants.

Uniquely designed for the vaginal environment Aquafit Intimate Gel Sticks are iso-osmolar ensuring non-toxicity for vaginal tissues so you can enjoy our products without having to worry about synthetic additives, chemicals or animal testing.

Always consult a health care professional if you are experiencing new or worsening vaginal pain, bleeding, or discharge following intercourse.

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