Intimate Training

Intimate Training Instructions

Aquafit Intimate Gel Stick couples the benefits of vaginal muscle training that helps relax muscle spasms and restore vaginal elasticity, with the delivery of all natural extracts that hydrate and balance pH, for all-in-one sexual wellness. 
Pure, guaranteed 100% natural, designed to match tissue osmolality, certified cosmetic.
Refrigerate before use

Take 5 Minutes for Yourself

Find a quiet time and place, like your bedroom or in the shower.
Wash your hands.
Intimate training
 takes 3-5 minutes daily, or as needed. 

 The Intimate Gel Stick comes in a plastic casing. Remove the cap and gently press the casing sides to release the Intimate Gel Stick.  

 Activate the self lubrication by placing under tap water (or in shower/dipping in a glass of water by your bed-side). Do not add any additional lubricants.

 Lie on your back in bed with your knees slightly spread or in standing with legs apart in the shower.

 Insert the tip of the Intimate Gel Stick into your vagina. Apply gentle pressure at the base of the gel stick with the fingers/palm of your hand. Go as deep as feels comfortable to you, until you feel muscle tension. 

Intimate Training Instuctions

 Contract and relax your vaginal and pelvic floor muscles while releasing pressure at base, for intimate training. 

 Working with and against your muscles in repetitive penetrative motion improves vaginal tissue elasticity, while delivering beneficial ingredients to deep vaginal tissue. 

Intimate training in the shower or dipping  in a glass of water next to your bed lets you continually re-activate self lubrication. 

 Relax your hand and contract your vaginal muscles to slide the Intimate Gel Stick out of your vagina. 

Wash with cold water (do not use soap), return to casing, seal with cap. Refrigerate until your next use.  

 Intimate training regimens vary by indication:
Young: Vaginal muscle spasms, painful penetration (Vaginismus),~6-9 weeks.
Bloom: Postpartum pelvic muscle trauma/breastfeeding vaginal dryness,~1-2 months.
Prime: Menopausal vaginal atrophy, dryness, and pH imbalance~ongoing, as needed
Recovery: Radiotherapy vaginal adhesions and atrophy, gynecological surgery recovery, breast cancer hormonal therapy recovery ~ongoing, as needed.

  For use up to 14 days, from opening date, as many times as desired, following proper usage and care instructions.  

Intimate Gel Stick Care Instructions

 Do not expose to temperatures above 140°F, 60°C. 
 Do not microwave.
 Do not freeze.
 Keep out of the reach of children
 For vaginal use only. (NOT for rectal use).

Sexual wellness, daily

Make intimate training part of your daily routine, in the shower or in bed:

Insert the Intimate Gel Stick to the depth that feels comfortable for you. Contract your vaginal muscles, hold and count to 5, and release.

In ‘penetrative’ in-out motion, work with and against your vaginal muscles count to 30.

Repeat 1-2 till you reach 180 (~approximately 3 minutes)

You can switch positions if you'd like and you can always wet the Intimate Gel Stick with water at any time for added lubrication).

Rinse Intimate Gel Stick with cold water, place in the casing, seal cap and refrigerate till your next use.

Report and track your progress for the better.

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