What is Aquafit?

Aquafit is a self-help Intimate Gel Stick for women:

 All-in-one intimate training and dilation therapy, with gentle hydration and active agent delivery.

 Designed to adapt to every women’s individual anatomy, for pain free use.

 Aquafit is all an all natural advanced hydrogel made of 90% water and  plant-based GRAS, FDA approved ingredients. EU cosmetic regulation.



Aquafit PRÉ Usage Instructions

 Aquafit is self-lubricating. Activate lubrication by simply placing under tap water. Do not add any additional lubricants.

 To insert Aquafit, lie on your back with your knees apart. Alternatively, you may stand with one foot raised onto the side of a bathtub or low bench.

 Gently insert the tip Aquafit into your vagina. Slide it in gently, while applying pressure from the base. The soft, yet firm texture of Aquafit  should allow for gentle contouring to fit your individual anatomy.

 Do not apply force and only go as deep as is comfortable to you. If it is difficult to insert, try relaxing your pelvic muscles. 

 Once  in place, gently, yet firmly, apply pressure with your hand to Aquafit's base. Leave  2cm out of vagina. Press and relax pressure on base for active massaging of vaginal walls for as long as is comfortable.

 When ready, gently slide Aquafit out. We recommend intimate training sessions of 3-10 minutes. Wet again with tap water (you can dip in a glass of water next to your bed) and reinsert  during session if more lubrication is desired.

 Some women prefer using Aquafit directly from refrigeration, at a cool temperature, others prefer to use at room temperature. Try what works best for you. 

Aquafit PRÉ Care Instructions

 Wash Aquafit with cold water after each use.  Do Not use soap.

 Place Aquafit back in its case, close top and place in refrigeration until your next use.

 Aquafit may be used for up to 14 days, from opening date, as many times as desired, following proper usage and care instructions.  

 Do not expose to temperatures over 140 F

 Do not freeze.

 Do not microwave.

 Keep out of reach of children.


Q. Is Aquafit safe to use

A. Yes, Aquafit is made of all natural ingredients, has cosmetic certification in the EU and is non-allergenic and non-toxic. 

Q. Can Aquafit get 'swallowed' in my vagina?

A. Your vagina is a muscle. Typically if you are starting with the right size the muscle contraction will create a force that will push Aquafit out if you stop applying pressure on the base. 

Q. Can Aquafit break in my vagina?

A. Aquafit is a hydrogel and its designed with vaginal forces, elasticity and tensile strength in mind. However it can break if bent to the extreme or scratched. I the event Aquafit breaks, simply discard and use another. 

Q. Why can I use Aquafit PRÉ for only 14 days? 

A. Aquafit PRÉ is made of an all natural hydrogel, its may be used  for 14 days after opening, and proper care of washing and refrigeration. After that time the Intimate trainer should be discarded as the natural ingredients can change their composition. 

Q. How many units of Aquafit do In need

A. Every woman has different needs and different regimens and best practices. We recommend you consult your doctor or sexologist. 

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