Sex after cancer

Cancer treatments and gynecologic surgery lead to changes in vaginal health that cause vaginal atrophy and pain during sex in up to 75% of women in recovery.

Intimate wellness is a central part of a woman's health, during and especially after cancer treatments, that significantly impact quality of life.

Intimate training self-care can help you regain vaginal health and sexual wellness for a satisfying new normal after cancer.

Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy can damage the ovaries and reduce estrogen production, either temporarily, or permanently (induced menopause), leading to vaginal dryness, atrophy and pain. In addition to interrupting normal hormone production, some chemotherapy drugs also decrease blood flow to your vaginal tissue. When healthy tissue doesn’t receive adequate blood flow, dryness can be an unfortunate side effect.

Breast cancer hormonal therapy: Hormonal therapy for breast cancer include medications that suppress hormone production and receptors for estrogen (SERM's) and progesterone. Hormonal therapies also dramatically reduce estrogen levels in vaginal tissue causing dryness, loss of elasticity, shortening and narrowing of the vagina and pH imbalance. Vaginal atrophy affects >50 % of women after breast cancer upending sex life.

Pelvic Radiotherapy: Pelvic Radiation therapy (RT) is commonly used to treat cervical, vaginal, anorectal and pelvic cancers. Pelvic radiotherapy can lead to vaginal adhesions, the shortening and narrowing of the vagina (stenosis), making intercourse excruciating, if not impossible. These vaginal changes, combined with induced menopause, can cause long‐term sexual dysfunction, as well as compromising follow‐up vaginal examinations.

Gynecologic surgeries: Gynecologic surgeries for ovarian cancer (or BRCA preventive surgery) and uterine cancer, among others, will result in a significant drop in estrogen levels (induced menopause) and vaginal atrophy, causing the lining of the vagina to become drier, thinner, less elastic and irritated.

Surgery, like a hysterectomy or mastectomy, can also rob women of sensations integral to sexual arousal and orgasm. Sadness, stress and body image issues can snuff out any sense of sexual desire.

A gentle recovery

Self-care with Aquafit Intimate Gel Stick® helps alleviate dryness and atrophy, to recover sexual wellness after cancer treatments that cause estrogen depletion, induced menopause and associated symptoms of vaginal atrophy.

Aquafit Intimate Gel Sticks are made of water, hyaluronic acid, vitamin B3, aloe vera and lactic acid that hydrate, soothe and balance vaginal pH providing relief for sensitive vaginal tissues, deep from within.

By uniquely combining the benefits of improving vaginal muscle tonus, with natural ingredients that moisturise and replenish vaginal tissue intimate training lets you recover vaginal wellness after cancer.

Intimate training, self-care

Intimate training takes 3-5 minutes, daily or as needed. In bed or in the shower, at your own pace.

Aquafit Intimate Gel Stick®  offers a new sexual wellness self-care routine preventing vaginal adhesions (dilation therapy, mitigating stenosis), improving vaginal elasticity, while hydrating and balancing healthy pH, for relief of vaginal pain.

100% pure intimacy

Aquafit Intimate Gel Sticks are formulated from water and 100% natural plant extracts. No hormones, no parabens, no fragrance, no color, no irritants.

Carefully formulated from plant-based ingredients, Aquafit PRÉ and Aquafit BIO closely mimic your vagina’s natural biology and muscle physiology, ensuring non-toxicity for vaginal tissue.

Our Intimate Gel Sticks® offer an effective non-hormonal alternative for pain free intimacy, quality of life and sexual health during and after cancer treatments.

Always consult a health care professional if you continue to struggle with desire, sexual pain, unexplained bleeding, or any other intimacy issues during your recovery from cancer.

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