Itching, burning, odor, discharge?

Why vaginal pH matters

What is vaginal pH?

Vaginal pH is a measure of how acidic or basic your vaginal environment is. A healthy vaginal pH is mildly acidic and ranges between a pH of 3.8 - 5.0. The pH level of your vagina plays an important part in keeping your vagina healthy. A healthy vagina is home to different types of acid-producing bacteria (Lactobacillus) which provide natural protection against infections. The acidic environment creates a barrier that prevents unhealthy bacteria (Bacterial Vaginosis) yeast (Candidiasis) and trich (Trichomoniasis) from multiplying too quickly.

An imbalance in the vaginal ecosystem can alter the vaginal pH and tip the scale to the point of causing infection, itching, burning, inflammation, unusual odor, discharge and pain during sex. Vaginal infections also increase the risk of acquiring sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and are associated with adverse reproductive health outcomes.

In a woman’s daily life many factors lead to changes or imbalances in the vaginal pH, including – interactions with intimate partners, unprotected sex (semen), antidepressants, along with estrogen changes during menstrual cycles, use of hormonal contraceptives, during breastfeeding and menopause. Antibiotics can also wipe out healthy vaginal microbiome.

Feminine balance

Developing a daily routine that balances healthy vaginal pH is key to intimate wellness. Aquafit BIO Gel Stick®, uniquely combines intimate training with the delivery of lactic acid to deep vaginal tissue to restore and maintain vaginal pH naturally and alter the vaginal microbiota.

By supporting a consistent acidic vaginal environment, Aquafit BIO promotes healthy flora regeneration where Lactobacilli – the beneficial bacteria prevalent in the vaginal microbiome – can thrive and overcome problematic bacteria. In addition Aquafit BIO hydrates vaginal tissue, with soothing aloe vera.

Formulated to mimic vaginal fluid with the balanced acidity, moisture and salts, Aquafit BIO is the most effective way to stabilize the vaginal ecosystem. By supporting healthy flora and preventing pathogens, Aquafit BIO overcomes BV symptoms and reduces recurrent infections. 

Aquafit BIO is made of natural plant-based ingredients, no antibiotics or live cultures. A daily routine of intimate training (add just 3 minutes in the shower) works with your body to sustain an environment for Lactobacilli and healthy flora to thrive  - creating a defense system against vaginal infections and forming a natural protective barrier.

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